Garden of Opulence – an opulent and elegant collection with bold colors and painterly florals.

Bari J Art Gallery Fabrics – Chapter Two: Garden of Opulence

Art Gallery Fabrics makes some of the softest fabrics in the industry. They’ve got some of the best designer collections too!

Through Joie de Vivre, Bari J pays homage to her current home state, Arizona through her lively maximalist style. Images of desert critters and blooms are paired with colorful textural designs.

Joie de Vivre

Joie de vivre (pronounced ZHAH d vi:v) is the French term for “joy of living.” This expression is often used to describe people who are happy and content with their lives, but who also have a sense of passion and energy. They are able to enjoy the simple things, like delicious food and good conversation, without feeling the need to constantly move forward or achieve more.

This joie de vivre is often attributed to the French culture, which is full of vibrant energy and joy. The people of France have a natural ability to relax and disconnect from work, which allows them to fully experience the moment. They also have a tendency to see beauty in imperfections, which helps them to be more content with where they are.

The Joie de Vivre fabric collection by Bari J features bold colors, painterly florals, and all the details that make the French style so distinct. This collection is perfect for quilters who want to embrace their inner Francophile.

Chapter Two: Garden of Opulence

Bold colors, painterly florals and everything you love about Bari J’s maximalist style is here in this opulent collection. The pillars of AGF have bonded together to share their bestselling yet classic prints for a season of tribute. Chapter Two: Garden of Opulence is an elegant collection that will take you back to a time of gracefulness and poise. 100% Premium Cotton. 42, approximately 10 x 10 inch fabric pieces. Check out the free pattern album for inspiration!

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